Shayil Home is a yearlong residency-based addictions program where women and their children can come to a safe environment, living in community with other women who are on similar journeys. The women follow a well-structured weekly schedule where they attend an assortment of classes taught by qualified individuals and participate in a variety of activities. Personal, professional counselling is provided throughout the woman’s stay in the program through an independent Christian counselling center. During their stay in the program these women also have access to various forms of childcare, including Souls Harbour Rescue Mission’s licensed and subsidized ‘Little Souls Daycare’.

There are two 6 month phases to this program. During the 1st phase, our staff and teachers will work with each woman in order to help them clearly identify what the presenting problems are. Education about addictions and other life-controlling problems is balanced with group work to provide opportunities for learning, growth, care and connection.

In the 2nd phase, our goal is to help them with budgeting, healthy living, and social skill development through working with others and church participation; community and collaboration.

Successful graduates of the Shayil Home Women’s yearlong residency-based addictions program are invited to apply for entrance into the 2nd & 3rd year; P31 Program. This specialized, P31 Program, was established as a further means of building into the women as they prepare for successful reintegration into healthy community; and as such, features numerous opportunities including SHRM Internship’s, or financial support for educational goals through the Affinity Endowment Fund, work placement training/support, and overseas Mission trips. In a sense, the P31 Program is ‘personalized’ to the Shayil Home Program graduate.

If you would like to apply to the women’s addiction program please call us at 543-0011 (ext. 31), or use the Shayil Home Application form below.

Shayil Home Program Application