Welcome to the Mission's new social enterprise. This is a full service catering company incorporated as a non-profit with its own identity, but owned and operated by Souls Harbour Rescue Mission. We're very excited about this, as this venture will become a means to another revenue stream to help fund our women's addiction program, and it will also be run and operated by the women in the program! How cool is that? They will not only learn new skills, but they'll learn how to run the business! We will encourage an entrepreneurial spirit, and we will foster their individual growth as Proverbs 31 women.

It costs the Mission approximately $84.00 per day for one woman to participate in the addiction program. This program is not government funded in any way, nor do the women pay for the programming they receive. It should also be noted that any hourly work done by the women in regards to paid product sales and paid catering services, is “banked” for them at a minimum wage rate, and issued to them upon graduation from the program. Having said that, any profits over and above the expenses and their wages will be reinvested back into the operations of the Shayil Home Women’s Addiction Program!

 Canned Product Line: (includes TAXES)

As of today we're releasing a "Canned Product" line just in time for Christmas! All of the produce was donated, and then canned by us. It sells as follows: Beets, Tomatoes, Apple Sauce (organic and chunky), and Chow Chow (relish) for $15.00 per 1 litre jar, and pickled eggs by the dozen for $18.00 per jar! The pickled eggs come in two varieties; ‘Regular’ and ‘Cajun Fire’. In the future new products such as Salsa, Pickled Baby Onions, and Pickled Cucumbers will be added to the product line. To purchase the product now feel free to email your order to us directly at soulsisters@shrmsk.com.

Catering Services:

Onsite service: (delivered and served at your workplace, your event, etc.) includes a non-refundable booking and delivery fee of $100.00, a soup & sandwich package at $14.95 per person (minimum 50 people), with a 10% gratuity and TAXES over and above that.  For larger orders of over 50 people, the price per person remains the same, but the additional food required for more people must be ordered in units of 10. As an example; 50 people, 60 people, 70 people, etc.

The basic soup & sandwich package which feeds 50 people includes:

Sandwich Tray

Sliced cheddar (75 slices)

Finely sliced roast beef, turkey, and ham (40 slices of each)

All the meats are fresh, not frozen, and of high quality

Homemade white buns

Freshly made Kaiser buns, melt in your mouth quality! (50)

Homemade Soup

Our signature soups! Each soup is made fresh in our commercial kitchen. We make our own soup stock from all natural ingredients and our cream soups are real cream soup! They are made from scratch and you can choose from the following 6 varieties (Choose 1 broth and 1 cream)

Chicken Vegetable Pasta

Vegetarian Pasta

Beef Barley

Corn Chowder

Cream of Potato Bacon

Cream of Cauliflower

Dessert Tray

3 types of high quality baking, dainties and desserts (75 pcs)


Because we have an environmental approach to what we do, for instance the commercial kitchen itself is located in a GREEN building, the utensils and napkins we provide are biodegradable.  As an example our spoons, knives, and forks are made of wood product not plastic.

We will also provide individual packaged crackers, butter packs, and mayo, mustard, ketchup, and salt & pepper packets


We will provide one urn of coffee with real cream and sugar (100 cups)

We will provide bottled water (50 bottles)

Pick-up Orders & Add-ons:

The following trays and canned products can be added to any existing catering order or ordered as a separate pick up order. All canned products include TAXES. Canned products and Pick-up orders are gratuity exempt as well.

Any of our ‘Canned Products’ (see above for pricing)

Mixed Fruit Tray with homemade fruit dip ($45.00)

Mixed Vegetable Tray with homemade vegetable dip ($45.00)

Meat & Cheese Tray – at least 2 different meats and cheeses ($55.00)

Assorted Dessert Tray – minimum of 3 varieties ($45.00)

Homemade Buns – white ($6.00 per dozen)