Welcome to the Mission's social enterprise. This is a full service catering company incorporated as a non-profit with its own identity, but owned and operated by Souls Harbour Rescue Mission. We're very excited about this, as this venture will become a means to another revenue stream to help fund our women's addiction program, and it will also be run and operated by the women in the program! How cool is that? They will not only learn new skills, but they'll learn how to run the business! We will encourage an entrepreneurial spirit, and we will foster their individual growth as Proverbs 31 women.

It costs the Mission approximately $84.00 per day for one woman to participate in the addiction program. This program is not government funded in any way, nor do the women pay for the programming they receive. It should also be noted that any hourly work done by the women in regards to paid product sales and paid catering services, is “banked” for them at a minimum wage rate, and issued to them upon graduation from the program. Having said that, any profits over and above the expenses and their wages will be reinvested back into the operations of the Shayil Home Women’s Addiction Program!

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