Thanksgiving Holiday Meal – Friday, October 5th at 11:30 A.M. at 1475 Athol Street in the Dean Smith Youth Centre Gymnasium.

This Thanksgiving we are looking for volunteers and food donations to help make this holiday a memorable one for our guests. The holiday meal will be a traditional turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, salad, stuffing, assorted vegetables and pumpkin pie.

In order to make this meal a reality for our guests, here is what we need from you:

  • 20 turkeys
  • 36 – 2kg bags of frozen vegetables
  • 4 cases of head of lettuce (approx 200 lbs worth)
  • 70 pumpkin pies
  • 12 cans of whipped cream
  • 600 forks
  • 600 knives
  • 600 paper plates
  • 600 cups
  • 600 small paper plates
  • 40 tin foil pans
  • 1 case of extra large gloves

Please drop off food donations at 1836 Halifax Street, Monday to Friday between 11 am and 7 pm (back door) prior to October 1st.