Meal Program:

Hope begins with a meal! We’ve discovered that it’s very difficult to talk to someone about their addiction, their inability to hold a job, or help them to find a job, without first making the hunger pangs go away. It’s only then that you can talk about other things.

Our meal program is open to anyone in need of a meal! More than 200 filling and nutritious supper meals are provided each day, Monday through Friday. Serving this many people is a big job, and we could not do this without the help of volunteers, church groups, and the staff of numerous businesses and corporations. More help is always needed!

Location: 1632 Angus Street in the Gerri Carroll Hope Centre
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday (doors open at 4:30 pm)


Holiday Meals:

At Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, Souls Harbour Rescue Mission provides a complete holiday meal, including the traditional trimmings, for up to 600 guests.

We also serve smaller meals at different times throughout the month of December. Serving smaller meals in December allows us to meet the ever increasing need, and because Christmas is such a special time of year, we are also able to maintain even more personal closeness and fellowship with our guests.

The holidays are a great time to come out and volunteer. From serving food to stuffing stockings we need your help. Donations of turkeys and hams are always appreciated, and for those wanting to do more, please consider our Meal Sponsorship.