This isn’t really a ‘store’, as everything that we have is ‘free’ for whoever wants it! There are so many people who regularly donate bags of quality used clothing to us, and sometimes ‘real stores’ give us boxes and boxes of old (yet new) stock as well; in either case our goal is to simply pass them on. Whether it’s giving someone a winter jacket, or helping them put together an outfit for a job interview, we’ll help meet the need as best as we can!

Location: 1632 Angus Street in the Gerri Carroll Hope Centre
Hours of Operation: Saturday & Sunday (2:00 pm – 5:00 pm)

This store is staffed with the help of volunteers. We receive a large amount of donated clothing and sorting through all of the clothing and stocking the shelves takes time. If you are interested in donating clothes or in volunteering, our Get Involved section will show you how to do that.