Josie – Class of 2015

“I was born and raised in Manitoba. My grandmother and grandfather raised me because my mother wasn’t ready to be a mother, and I lived in a house with them and 2 Uncles and 2 cousins. My uncles were alcoholics and very abusive. There was a lot of physical, verbal, and sexual abuse in the […]

Stephanie – Class of 2014

As a single mother of five beautiful children, life hasn’t always been easy for Stephanie. From the Northeastern Saskatchewan community of Cumberland House, she faced issues with bullying, stealing, drugs and alcohol at an early age despite coming from a supportive family. At the age of fifteen, the young man that Stephanie was dating tragically […]

Gayleen – Class of 2013

Growing up as an only child in Regina, Gayleen struggled to discover who she was. She had a very difficult childhood due to her relationship with her mother, who was involved in several abusive relationships that included persistent drug and alcohol abuse. Gayleen was abused both physically and emotionally during the early years of her […]

Corina – Class of 2012

Corina had a very challenging childhood. Her mother was a severe alcoholic who she believes suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Corina’s life was unstructured and lacked any stability as her mother was very unpredictable. Drinking binges turned her mother from a protective, nurturing and caring mother into somebody that was violent, mentally unstable and unsettling […]