Joe Miller – Executive Director

Joe Miller is the Executive Director for Souls Harbour Rescue Mission. After working in the manufacturing industry for many years, he felt called to move from 'building things' to 'building people.' He has a passion to see the people that walk through the Mission's doors, get the help they need; whatever their situation may be. He enjoys fishing and the outdoors and often finds God in the stillness of nature. He writes here his thoughts on poverty, society, faith, and his reflections on life.


I don’t know about you but I really enjoy watching movies, and lately it seems like some of my favourites from days gone by have been on the tube again. Movies like Zoro, K-pax and Moneyball. As I was watching Moneyball, it had been a few years, I found myself intrigued once again by the […]

Family and The Home

FACT: The average 2 bedroom apartment in Regina rents for $1,018. (Leader Post December 12, 2013) QUESTION: How does a small family with one wage earner make ends meet? You can check my math but at Saskatchewan’s minimum wage rate of $10 per hour, and if using a 40 hour week, things just don’t seem […]


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines sacrifice as follows: 1) an act of offering to a deity something precious; especially the killing of a victim on an altar 2) something offered in sacrifice 3) destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else 4) something given up or lost I recently received a newsletter from […]

Small Beginnings

I once had a summer job as a bank route driver. Every week from Monday to Friday I got up at about 4:30 each morning and went to the airport to pick up all of the bank bags for my particular route. Their contents had been processed the night before at a clearing centre in […]

Steal my Show

Well…. It’s finally here! Getting this blog up and running has taken much longer than I first anticipated, so my apologies for that. I hope you enjoy it. Steal my Show I like Toby Mac, and I really like his music! On his ‘Eye On It’ CD there’s a song called ‘Steal my Show’ and […]

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Thoughts from our Executive Director Joe Miller.