Andy - JennaJenna Britt Jeske (Nee Fisher) was born in 1984 in Winnipeg Manitoba. When she was five her family moved to Fort Wayne, IN. Jenna graduated from Homestead High School in Fort Wayne in 2002, and then went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio in 2008.

Jenna missed Canada and she immediately moved back to start her career there, which began with a summer job as an administrative assistant in Regina, Saskatchewan working for a faith based Mission; Souls Harbour Rescue Mission. It was there that she met Andy Jeske whom she soon fell in love with. They were married in 2009, and resided in Regina until 2012 when they moved to Russell, Manitoba.

Jenna loved to take photos. She was also a great writer. She and Andy were a part of the Russell Alliance Church. They taught bible study, Jenna sang and Andy played on the worship team. They had found their home in Russell and they purchased a home there in December of 2013.

Jenna was a very special person whose talents were amazing. The world was definitely a better place with her in it, and her sudden passing on August 30th of this year took all of us by surprise. We will all really miss her!!

So, on behalf of all of the Mission Staff, my Executive, and the Board of Directors, Souls Harbour Rescue Mission is proud to introduce a $5,000 annual scholarship in memory of Jenna. The Jenna Jeske Memorial Scholarship is designed to help a high school graduate from Scott Collegiate with their tuition towards a post-secondary education in the field(s) of mental health and/or addiction services.

These funds will be dispersed in two allotments of $2,500 (fall and spring terms) and paid directly to the post-secondary institution. Applications are due by March 31, with the recipient being announced by April 30. The Executive Team of Souls Harbour Rescue Mission will make the final decision regarding the recipient. Please email re Jenna Jeske Memorial Scholarship for further details.


One Single Rose – (by Joe Miller)


From a crack in the concrete

with multiple scrapers in the sky,

in a garden made of steel and glass,

it was there that you grew.


The winters came and the winters went

and the spring brought the summer rain.

Darkness, clouds, and shadows,

… still sunshine followed you!


And you curtsied your petals …

opened them up so we all could see.

One single rose

One white rose

Cut for a vase …

now finally free!

Joe Miller – Executive Director

Joe Miller is the Executive Director for Souls Harbour Rescue Mission. After working in the manufacturing industry for many years, he felt called to move from 'building things' to 'building people.' He has a passion to see the people that walk through the Mission's doors, get the help they need; whatever their situation may be. He enjoys fishing and the outdoors and often finds God in the stillness of nature. He writes here his thoughts on poverty, society, faith, and his reflections on life.