Over the years we have seen a lot of homeless people come through our doors. And yes … we’re able to offer emergency help such as food, shelter, and clothing, but what then? If the root cause of someone’s homelessness is an addiction, we can help them deal with that. And what about the working poor?  The young man who works for minimum wage and sleeps at a different friends place every week? Or the single mom who works as a waitress, struggling to keep her child in daycare, while trying to find an affordable and safe place where they can live?  It’s clear, there are a lot of people looking for a place they can call their own. We need more long term thinking, and this is what Affordable Housing looks like to us:

In July of 2008 we officially opened ‘Harbour House’. That building was constructed through a partnership with the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation.  It has 25 bachelor suites and five 1 bedroom suites, and though it only meets a small fraction of the overall need, it’s a good place for a new start. If you’re interested in living at ‘Harbour House’, please apply through the Application for Housing form below.

Going forward, in early summer of 2017, we will be constructing another new building beside Harbour House, and in providing more low-income housing and an improved continuum of care, that facility will house another 16 suites of affordable housing. See the Samaritan Project, under the ‘About Us’ tab for more details.

Affordable Housing Application